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Time:2011-03-20 21:02:26

Renton, Wash., in October 2008 - Microscan today announced it has acquired the headquarters in Nashua, New Hampshire, the Siemens (Siemens) machine vision company business, formerly Acuity CiMatrix company. Microscan company expects the acquisition will expand the field of machine vision imaging and inspection, and further strengthen its customer-focused traceability solutions for technology leadership. The acquisition was completed in September 2008. 

Accurate data acquisition and control in the design and manufacture of leading Microscan is focused on the electronics, life sciences and automotive industries to provide solutions. Siemens (Siemens) machine vision business the company is being integrated into Microscan Corporation. Microscan operations will remain in Nashua, most of the original employees remain. For partners, customers and distributors, the attribution of the acquisition due to the transfer will be smooth transition. 
"The acquisition of Siemens (Siemens) machine vision business to the company Microscan company to expand our vision and smart camera portfolio to meet our customers and partners worldwide interest," Microscan Jeff Timms, president, said. "Visual inspection for the identification and accurate product data acquisition and control market is a growing part. With the acquisition of Siemens (Siemens) machine vision business the company brought is included in the leading Datamatrix (data matrix code ) and visual design of the deep technical expertise. Microscan through data collection solutions in the combined experience of superb, the acquisition of the business has greatly expanded our product line, the result is unique to our customers and complementary product portfolio. This acquisition will enable us exposure in the target market than our competitors more favorable position. " 
"Siemens Since the 2005 acquisition of Acuity CiMatrix company set up its machine vision business has in its product line, equipment, infrastructure and personnel have carried out considerable investment," Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc. President and Chief Officer Dennis Sadlowski said. "I am confident that these investments and Microscan a goal of integrating the sales force's ability to focus on the combination, we can guarantee the sustained success of this business. Siemens will continue to focus on the industrial identification (Auto ID) field, and strengthen its innovative radio frequency identification and one-dimensional / two code reading systems portfolio. "
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