Company Philosophy
Company philosophy is the foundation of the survival and development of Beijing Image Team, she will always guide the Beijing Image Team to the road to success.
Since the establishment of the company, we always adhere to the following basic principles: Humanized management and service; Fully taking advantage of the foreign advanced technology, design and develop software for the Chinese market; All user-centerd, based on the user's actual demand in life and work, while ensuring the software standard compatibility; By intelligent operation to make the perfect blend of of user's natural philosophy and normative market concept.
Mencius said: "The road is far in Seoul to obtain it, things in easy to obtain it difficult." 
For the company, from top managers to subordinate employees are constantly studying and learned quite a bit in the process. Learning as working, working as learning, the creative ability of each employee and practice get together, will realize creation of business enterprise, continuously breakthrough will bring development continuously.
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